Letter of Reference – Joe Miklosi


To Whom It May Concern:


It is my pleasure to be a letter of reference for John Eisenhauer. I have known John for three years through my involvement in the political sector. John is sincere, passionate about public service, very creative, and dedicated to progressive values. He would enrich an organization with his ideas, enthusiasm, and focus.


John is also committed to improving civic involvement and fostering a stronger sense of community. For example, he has been developing a non-profit organization to increase voter turnout. In these apathetic times, I find his enthusiasm to be refreshing. John is also committed to the Autism Society of Colorado to ensure that all individuals have equal opportunity to succeed in life.


Finally, John possesses excellent research and writing skill sets – skills that would be valuable to any organization.


Thank you for allowing me a moment to be a reference for John Eisenhauer. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.




Joe Miklosi

Colorado State Director

Progressive Majority

1536 Wynkoop Street – Suite 4A

Denver, CO 80222







(Joe is no longer with Progressive Majority: he is currently running againt Mike Coffman for a seat in the House of Representatives . His cell is 303-919-4748 & e-mail is joe@joemiklosi.com – John Eisenhauer)


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