Letter of Reference – Heb Rubenstein

26 July 2007


To Whom It May Concern:


I am writing to voice my strong endorsement for John Eisenhauer. During the time that I have known John, he has proven himself to be intelligent and creative. He is also a real go-getter.


I first met John during the 2006 elections. I was competing in the CD7 Democratic Primary and spoke at a function that he organized. Subsequently, John undertook a couple critical projects for my campaign including an in-house polling project.


Soon after the completion of that campaign, I moved on to become the Developmental Director of the Autism Society of Colorado (ASC). I was charged – -in part – with coming up with program ideas. On more than one occasion, John demonstrated an amazing ability for taking a program concept and quickly writing a well rounded operational plan. He would create documents with considerable organizational complexity. He demonstrated an impressive ability for analytical thought. This work allowed me to discuss program ideas with both the ASC Board and Staff. Whenever I needed a sounding board for ideas – or someone to help me flesh out a concept – John was there, an exceptional resource.


John is still with ASC as a part time employee. I am disappointed that our organization can not afford to employee John on a full time basis. John is an exceptional resource – and would greatly benefit your organization. Whether in the area of program development, fund raising / grant writing, professional writing, or something similar, John would prove an exceptional asset to an organization.


Finally, I want to comment on John’s passion. Besides his abilities, John brings enthusiasm and excitement to his undertakings. He is the type that places great personal value on growth and development.


Herb Rubenstein

Development Director

Autism Society of Colorado

303 279-1878

303 910-7961 (cell)


Herb is no longer at ASC: he is currently running his own consulting firm. His cell is still 303-910-7961 & e-mail is herb@sbizgroup.com – John Eisenhauer)


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